On 01/10/2012 Westmark bought the insolvent company Saleen from Altena. Saleen is a well-respected producer of high-quality wickerwork and place mats for specialists as well as the catering sector . Just as Westmark, Saleen as well produces with firm conviction – and as they are so good at that –following the principle “Made in Germany”. 

Saleen will continue as separate brand. It is a synonym for the special quality of the polypropylene profile, which is used (among other things) for the production of wickerwork.

The dishwasher-safe wickers are utterly durable and have a very comfortable surface feel. “They look like natural wicker baskets, but offer the positive features of a hygienic plastic for a wide spectrum of usage”, Christian Deimel, manager of Westmark, says. He goes on: “The brand of Saleen has a very good reputation and is a reasonable addition to our assortment of clever practical kitchen gadgets and household articles. Buying this company, we obliviously made an important decision to assure and to extend of our company’s market position.”

The production will remain in Altena. Synergies are used by moving and integrating the administration and logistics (warehousing and dispatch) to Lennestadt.

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